Trendcoop Kft.

The main activity of the company since 1998 is to operate the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) in 5 counties in Hungary.

Our task is to collect, process and analyze the production data from the farms. This accountancy system uses statistical and other methods to make a business oriented agricultural model about the production of the hungarian farmers.

These data provide the basis for the annual national report about the hungarian agriculture towards the European Union and also gives the information needed for the decisions regarding the national agriultural policy.

Our self-developed software is responsible for the fast and accurate data processing.

Trendcoop Ltd.
Adószám: 10498723-2-13
Cégjegyzékszám: 13-09-062861

Our Employees

István Temesi
The Chief Executive Director of Trendház Group
Education: Kaposvár University/Livestock Breeding Econimist, Certified Public Accountant

I like open fire cooking, swimming and traveling.

Cecília Földesi
Post: Leader of FADN Consultants
Education: Szent István University/ Agricultural Engineer, Szent István University/ Technical Teacher, Certified Public Accountant, Animal Husbandary and Animal Health Technician

I like traveling and hiking.

Gábor Róbert Balogh
Post: FADN Consultant
Education: Szeged, University of Science/ Economy and Rural Development Agricultural Engeneer, Internal Auditor Training

I like reading books, mostly fantasy. I usally watch movies, and series from different genres. Rarely I play board games with my family.

Brigitta Honti
Post: FADN Consultant
Education: West-Hungarian University/ Graduate Agricultural Engineer

I really like animals. In my free time I work with them. I have a puppy, who like a family member, come with me everywhere. I have also a riding hall. Whenever I can I am with my horses, riding them, and teaching others.

Péter Kiss
Post: FADN Consultant
Education: Tessedik Sámuel Collage / Environmental Management and Agricultural Engineer, Technical and Economic University/ Academical Engineer

My hobby is fishing, If I have free time I only do this activity!

Attila Nagy
Post: FADN Consultant
Education: Veszprém University/Agricultural Engineer, /Engineer and Economist

In 2006 I started work in Trendcoop Ltd as entrant FADN Consultant. For me the farm management is job and hobby.

Zsuzsanna Nagy-Vida
Post: FADN Consultant
Education: Veszprém University/Agricultural Engineer, Engineer and Ecconomist, Accounting Administrator

I like reading novels playing board- or cardgames. From the beginning of spring gardening is also relaxation for me. I like old things, cause I like to renew them.

Bianka Róth
Post: FADN Consultant
Education: Kaposvár University/Animal Husbandry Engineering

I have an own farm, where I growing plants and fattening bulls. I have also horses and a llama. In my free time I like horseriding.

Tímea Serfel-Tóth
Post: FADN Consultant
Education: Szent István University / Agricultural Manager, Leader of Secretariat

I like Tapestry-making, traveling. I do sports like kangoo, and running.

Ádám Szigl
Post: FADN Consultant
Education: Veszprém University/ Agricultural Engineer, New Media Graphic

My hobby is making PC graphics and taking pictures.

Zoltán Takács
Post: Software Developer
Education: Secondary Level, Programmer, Qualified Acccountant

In my free time I like reading books, watching movies, playing football. I like spending my time with my family and my friends.

Andrea Melinda Valóczki
Post: FADN Consultant
Education: Szent István University / Livestock Breeder Engineer

I am working in Trendcoop Ltd.’s team since 2012. Most of the time I’m on my own family farm and I work. The main profile of the farm is horses, different activities with them and breeding them.

András Károly Vereckei
Post: FADN Consultant
Education: Kecskeméti Főiskola - Gazdasági és vidékfejlesztési agrármérnök, Európai Uniós pályázati-és projektmenedzser

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