The dataTREND Accounting System, made by Trendcoop Ltd. (Seat: 2370 Dabas, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 16/1. Registration number: 13-09-062861 Vat-number: 10498723-2-13) demonstrates with the statement below, that the dataTREND Accounting System was developed to solve the accounting-financial tasks of the small and medium sized enterprises.
The software includes the following modules:


The module manages the accounting items and the processing of the related analytics completely. It is capable of handling current accounts, creating VAT analytics, and keeping other type of analytics as well (cost centers, quantitive records) The constant data can be configured and assigned to the input screens, for example the log numbers and tax classifications. The lists are can be prepared in many languages.
Receiving the data from the other subsystems is provided after a complete check. Opening and closing the business year can be done automatically. The different lists and queries are configurable and they can be sent to the screen, printer, file and also to Excel sheet.
The modul is suitable to prepare the statements in the annual report according to the Accounting Act.

  • „A” and „B” type of the balance sheet
  • „A” type (total cost method) of the income statement
  • „B” type (cost of sales method) of the income statement.
  • Simpified annual report (simplified balance sheet and profit and loss statement)

The statements are filled out automatically from the recorded data in the ledger accounts.


This module is capable of tracking the cash flow of your company, and printing cash receipts and periodic cash reports.
The module works tightly together with the accounting module, statements are exported into the accounting records with automatic accounting procedures.


This module is used for recording domestic, export or resident invoices, the latter also in foreign languages. Cancellation invoices may also be created. The content of the invoices are exported into the accounting module according to appropriately maintained master data. Parametrizable reports of the invoices may also be printed.


The module allows the recording of material and immaterial assets, and automatic accounting for amortization using multiple amortization types and keys, in full accordance with Accounting Law.


The bank module is able to track the banking transactions of an enterprise, working in conjunction with several banking interfaces (i.e. ELECTRA system). Bank statements can be automatically imported, and with pre-configured accounting combinations exported into the accounting module.