Corporate Social Responsibility

We are proud of the fact that we can support Emergency Ambulance Car of Dabas.
We have been supporting this local life-saving vehicle since the beginning of 2016. During this time János Talabér and his colleagues have completed 915 alarms. This car, its medical equipment and necessary medicines have high maintenance costs. We are pleased that we can help to save lives with our support. We would be grateful if more surrounding companies and private persons could support them.

DKMK Nonprofit LTD. Account Number: 10402128-50526766-85851006

We have Familiy Friendly Company Certificate.
We are Public Debt- and Tax-free Company Group, we own White Certificate with Timestamp.

We have good connection with Dabas City’s Major’s Office and City Administration. Our colleague woman Gabriella Pucsinszki is the member of City Council.
Our goal is to develop and help to prosperate countinously the local community.
We are regularly giving Radio Interviews in Radio Dabas.

We have been supporting Dabas’ Handball Team, Dabas Sparks AFC, Sport Life, and two runner of Local Running Team: Gábor Fodor and Richard Temesi.

Environmental Awareness:
We have been collecting waste selectivly since 2016 and transporting hazardous waste to the right place for 15 years. It includes used batteries, old computers, printer stencils etc.
We help in paper collection of Lajos Kossuth Elementary School every year. We agree with WWF’s conception, so in every sent e-mail we ask receiving party not to print the received message unless it is necessary.
One part of our printed paper is recyled paper.
We have been significantly reduced our electricity consumption with a large surface solar panel system equipped on the top of Company Group’s roof since february of 2016.