About us

Accounting, as our customers like it:

- Our accounting supports the decision-making of the management, not only marks the payable taxes
- If the events are not transparent in mind, we help
- We provide continuous consultation, to always choose the best solution
- We help you not to pay more tax than necessary
- We provide domestic and international tax expert support
- We stand between your enterprise and NTCA, and we handle all communication with NTCA as an authorized representative
- We help you not to spend your achieved profit on taxes, and yet you can sleep peacefully

As Albert Einstein said: „A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.”

When we founded our company in 1991, we believed that we were and will be able to create an office, where we could solve the arising problems of our customers, in fact our joint efforts could even prevent them. Our work was built on mutual trust, ethics, professionalism and on the up-to-date knowledge.

It took decades to build up a company which enables us to provide complete accounting services to our partners. We separated the tasks to payroll and labour, data entry, accounting and tax counseling.

The people responsible for each of these fields do their work with high professionalism. Through the effective cooperation of the areas we are able to meet almost all the requirements of our customers.

In addition to our new partners, there are those who shape their future with our financial counseling for more than twenty years.

Thank you for the confidence!